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Ink Refills & Toner Cartridge Replacements

Here at Sarnia Inkspot, we refill ink cartridges, sell new ink cartridges and compatible and OEM toner cartridges, and provide printer maintenance and repair services. Bring your cartridges in to us to refill, or drop off old cartridges for recycling. We also have print, copy and fax services for your convenience!

Do you need IT support services?

For Business IT services, check out our professional IT support company Plexus Developments @ www.plexusdev.com or call 519-344-6219 for more information.

For quality residential IT support, come on in and let our experts give you a quote!

You Can Find Us @ 234 Front Street N., Sarnia, Ontario!

our Services

  • .We refill ink cartridges and sell new cartridges for most home and business printers. Prices vary, please call or come in to inquire.

  • We sell laser printer toners for all major brands and models of home and business printers. Get up to 60% off box store pricing! Our toners are guaranteed to work!

  • We also provide complimentary cleaning of your ink cartridges and general maintenance on your printer should you require it. We also provide repair and extended maintenance services for home and business pritners! Inquire today!

  • We provide curtosy drop-ship options for businesses. Save time and have your toners dropped off right to your business free with the purchase of your new toner cartrdige!

  • Copy, Print, Fax all your important documents here. We can do it all!

Tips & Tricks

After Refill tips

After refilling your ink cartridges, if you experience any print quality issues, try the following tips and tricks! Look for these features in the settings/maintenance/preferences of your printer. Although we cannot guarantee the integrtity of the cartridge you bring in for refilling, we do provide a free maintenance service so if you continue to experience issues after a refill, bring your printer in to us and we will service it for free!

*Please NOTE: Some printer cartridges cannot be reset so your printer may read refilled cartridges as empty or show an error but may continue to print regardless. If your printer does this, it is safe to ignore the message and continue to print. Keep an eye on print quality to indicate when it's time for your next refill.